Inquiry Learning
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              Inquiry Learning at Waipahihi School

All children at Waipahihi School, from the age of five, will be involved in Inquiry Learning.  We strongly believe this approach to learning is essential to equip our children for the future. Inquiry Learning is a powerful way to help our children become information literate; to be able to access, evaluate and use information.

It is also a “learning to learn” model that sets them up to become “life-long learners”.


At Waipahihi we have developed a model of Inquiry Learning that all our classrooms use.  Like all models, it has evolved over time and we have borrowed  ideas from all over the place! We are “Info-tectives” seeking out the answer to our Inquiry Questions. We have steps in the process because it’s much easier in steps; steps break down the learning and give children the skills for Information Literacy.



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